Monday, 24 May 2010

Changed Job allocations

Some of the original job specs have been modified due to changes wihin the group.
  1. First scene in the air
  2. second scene on ground.
Being one man down we decided to combine scenes so the windmill and rocky terrane was implemented in the same scene as the plane flying across.

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Start work on animating......serious lagging going on making animating really difficult. every time the graph editor was selected it would have cut out imagery of the scene pasted over the editor. so the editor had to be opened as a separate window to be able to work on. The scene was difficult with both character and plane selected Maya just would not let me animate.....really lagging....So we had to first animate the plane then import the character then parent the character to the plane......we had problems with parenting. Maya would not parent the plane and the character after many attempts we just animated seperatly. Also when the character was selected and parenting was done. When moving the plane and character jacks rig would just come out. So in the end we had to delete the rig and place Jack in the plane. This still deformed the skin of the character. So in the end we animated pieces seperatly.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Had a really cool idea......I was driving home after college with Nath and Josh dropping them off when we were listening to a piece of classical music in the car (happened to be on radio 2 at the time).....When a piece of music came on......I suddenly had a brain wave.....what if we do our short clip like a silent movie.....with crackly sound effect and flickering screen. so it looked 20s/30s war type film....guys loved the i've just been playing around looking at some text and backgrounds.......the look we wanted was sepia.....

painting weights

Had problems with painting weights. When selecting the painting weights tool the joints did not come up. Even when switching off the deformers. Also tried loading the character on the college computers....still didn't work......damn you......took the original model that clym had rigged and the joints were at last showing.......could be that the faulted character had been combined and history deleted in any case at at least I can play with over the summer holidays. We were able to animate the character with the scenes originally decided without the character stated at the beginning of this project one of my criteria to meet with this project was to design a character working with the toplogy.......The original scenes that Nath had produced in the story board did not need the character to walk.....

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rigged By Clym

Clym is brilliant...He managed to rigg this is 2 and a half hours...thanks buddy.