Thursday, 22 April 2010

Some Objectives to look at after Formative assessment with Jared

  • Decision making
  • how you work in a group external client
  • Show reel creativity creative way of how presenting
  • demonstrate bits that go in and why? things missing
  • each stage of how working - systematic pipeline
  • storyboard
  • schedule
  • brief
  • Look at the editors manual
  • write about changes and why write about scope changing deadline met.
  • look at different animations and companies.
  • write about show reel

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Original design of Jack with the jacket and modified design without jacket.


Really good fun modelling the feet especially the laces. Using torus nurbs to get the main lace shape. Duplicated...loops of bow made with just pulling points from CVs. Isoparms added to keep geometry. The knot was formed by two nurbs torus and height ratio increased the torus intersected to make a quick knot. C.V.s curve tool used to make lace after bow. circle created then circle shit select profile then surfaces extrude...polygon shape at the path of the shoe profile normals activated then selected the circle and scaled it down.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Modeling hand

Blocking out hand......knuckles and fingernails added. Constructed from polygon cube scaled then positioned to size. I didn't want the character to have large hands as i didn't want it to cartoony. Working out the resolution for each finger to start detail and shape. subdivision added for each finger a face. 4 faces oer finger. Shaping then tapered into cylinder shape. Wrist constructed from polygon cylinder. Keeping resolutions low. Combine mesh, delete history then bridge smooth path. Changed offset to fit the wrist to the hand. Tweaking the shape as the hand is constructed. Too finesse the detail especially fingers and knuckles added resolution and deleted verts that we didn't need. Especially used to create more of a ridge on the finger.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Really not happy with the topology on this Jacket so gonna do another......

Friday, 16 April 2010

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Head finished I am pleased with the small detailing like the compression of the fabric to show the tightness of the goggles buckled at the back.

Low polys and smoothed out.......

liking the result of this...finished the the body.......

cleaning up and detailing....

Cleaning up some of the mirrored geometry and modeling the back of the hat adding clasp band detail.....

Continue modeling......

Sorting out the edge of goggles

Ditched the original idea of bending a plane then attaching it. Above just moving verts to get the shape...not really happy with this either..decided to ditch and start again by using a cylinder to get the shape of the head then moulding and attaching to the existing frame.


Trying to create the edge of the goggles......proving to be a bit of a nightmare........Creating the edge of the glass the look will be fur trim edge.

Modeling the Goggles

Constructing the goggles........what a nightmare......kinda going along with a rough idea of geometry but the difficulty was how how I was going to construct the band. I tried just extended existing edges and forming moulding around the head but this took ridiculously long and I wasn't happy with the result. The goggles I wanted slightly geeky and vintage looking to obtain that the edge of the frame or rather the skin had an unfinished frayed edge to do this I inserted edge loops and extended the extrusion world mode.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Constructing Hat

Just getting a feel for placing the goggles over the hat. I want the peak of the hat to look as if the goggles are pressing against it.

Constructing Hat

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Constructing The goggles.

Combination of extruding and scaling. the glass made from a seperate polygon added shader and reduced the transparency. Just added the hat so I can determine the shape of the leather fabric that surrounds the goggles frame.

Adding the other Half

Smoothing out polygons to see the shape of head. Tidied the head by reforming triangles into quads and deleting edges. Cleaning up topology.

Constructing the nose and brow

Constructing the eyelids


Applying Shaders and cleaning outliner

Eye made of outer inner and pupil. Named and grouped eye componants in the outliner.