Saturday, 3 April 2010

Problems with Maya 2010

Really frustrating had problems opening my file even though they have been saved Maya kept reading as 'file doesn't exist'. If I went straight to folder it did open at first but now does not open at all.....lost all the work I had done yesterday! Also when I select vertex it selects the surrounding vertexes rather then one vertex. Not sure how to correct this anyway will sort out a bit later.....meanwhile I'm wasting valuable time and want to get this character modeled by next week. So I decided to start again in Maya 2008 as I think my 2010 woke up the wrong side of bed today!!!!!

Image plane problems........Even though I assigned texture on image planes, they only appear if I
am in high quality render settings - the only problem is I can't select x-ray shader when needing to model. If I go into default settings the image planes disappear even though the shader file has the texture. the image plane is white so obviously Maya is having problems with reading the file. so I reset the path......still not working..........changed the tiff image to jpeg still having problems.....I don't really know why the textures aren't appearing so I decided to continue with high render setting and increase the transparency of object whilst modeling so I can see Image plane.

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