Saturday, 3 April 2010

Change of Brief

I spoke with Josh and Guy.....they seem somewhat confused and not sure what they are supposed to be doing. Original concept have just been development communicating via msn with Nath. He has modeled the plane and animated as far as he can. I will be designing the character...however this will take some time as I need to get the topology right model, texture, rig, skin, paint weights and there is a lot to do. good news is that it can be a low res model...

Guy and Josh were to meet last week to discuss idea for scene 2 but was unable to make it. Thus not sure what they are doing. As no one has been given tasks it is difficult to get everyone together at the same time to discuss. It looks as if I am Orchestrating the project. So have spoken with Josh and Guy and updated them as far as I know what we are doing. here is a clearer synopsis of jobs so far......
  1. Nathan design storyboard and brief
  2. Depa design character and texture
  3. Guy and Josh design scene 2 storyboard and overview
  4. post production - music/sound effects/editing etc
Change of original Brief.....scene 2 will be using my character instead of a new charcter as we do not have time to construct ready for ravelive.

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