Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Communication - Email Jared as I won't be in this Thursday.

Hi Jared
 Unfortunately I won't be in on Thursday as my car goes in for a service. I gather that group 1 went through their ideas for Industry Project 3. Please see below quick overview of idea.  My Blogg:  Group: Depa, Nathan, Josh and Guy Brief: Short animation for Rave Live  Briefly it goes like this.... -Character flying a plane -Bird fly into the plane -Character jumps out of plane -Releases Parachute -On parachute says Rave-Live.... This is a promotional animation for Rave-Live.  For this project I will be designing the character - Aviation Boy an enthusiastic 7/8 year old obsessed with planes and flying. His Dad is a pilot and most of the boys clothes are handed down from his father. This builds on character concepts and model for my showreel. As I want to focus on building my character 3D and texturing. Please see my blog for more info and pipeline.  We have spoken to the organizers of Rave-Live so they know we are producing a short animation. I just need clarification on the final date we can submit. I know that Rave live is on the 19th May so is it definite that the deadline is the 22nd April?  Kind Regards  Depa  

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