Thursday, 25 March 2010

Story Board

Story Board by Nathan.

Emailed to me on the 01.04.2010

Produce a two part animation short, which interlinks between the two to
make an exciting and interesting promotional piece of animation for Rave
Live 2010. We must work with each other in a small group whilst
understanding our own vital roles within the group to concept, storyboard
and produce a finished piece of animation up to industry standards.

The Idea
We have chosen to get into a slightly larger than small group, consisting
of four people, and to break down a short animation into two separate
animations which can be interlinked with one and other, creating a
finished piece of animation. The idea starts with a long shot of a Biplane
travelling along in the sky, as the camera cuts in closer to the plane we
see a large bird fly into shot, directly into the plane, disrupting its
flight path, and causing the plane to swerve and start to smoke. The plane
then loses control and starts to tip sideways and crash, at this point we
see our character eject from the plane, and fly upwards, whilst the plane
continues its downward path. Once the plane is fully out of shot, we focus
on the character, who then proceeds to eject his parachute, and there is
an illusion of him flying upwards, as the camera continues to fall,
however we see him fly out of shot for only a couple of seconds before he
gently floats down on a large parachute, with a large logo of Rave Live on
it, which is the promotional shot of the piece, the camera then fades to
The second half of animation is a shot of a totally new character walking
along an inconspicuous road/scene below, and suddenly a plane falls out of
the sky, on top of him, the camera then goes black, and small a
promotional animation/picture of the Rave Live logo will finish off the

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