Thursday, 25 March 2010


Had third year student pitch there projects to our group (2nd year animation) to see if anyone wants to use this project assisting with the third years. Even though this would be awesome experience and an in sight to what it's like in third year I decided against this as I need to concentrate on advancing my skills as a modeller especially character. Most of the third year projects does not require help in the modelling department rather more in the riggibg and texturing and animating side.

Anyway......We decided that is Nathan and myself to go with coming up with a short animation for Rave Live according to the brief that the rave live organizers gave deadline is 22nd of April!!!!Arhhhhhhhhh that gives us about 5 weeks to deliver! I'm hoping this will be extended as rave-live doesn't go live till 19th May!

This is why, above I have created a quick pipeline of activities we need to do. Character design is going to take a while as I will need to model, texture, skin and rig, paint weights etc etc etc......

  • Our group consists of Myself, Nathan, Josh and Guy.
  • I will be designing and constructing character for animation.
The tasks I will be focusing on are....
  • Concepts and design sheets
  • Model character
  • Texture
  • Rigg
  • Animate
  • Texturing
  • Painting weights
  • Concepts
  • Research
  • Modeling although I want to focus really cleaning up my modeling and concentrating on Topology.

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