Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What's Eating You? from Allan Pantoja on Vimeo.

Topology Research

Really like this model created by El Diablo Delincuente - advanced poly modeling taken from one of Alex Alvarez training DVD for Maya. Really like the clean topology - useful for animating.......

research websites

Communication - Email Jared as I won't be in this Thursday.

Hi Jared
 Unfortunately I won't be in on Thursday as my car goes in for a service. I gather that group 1 went through their ideas for Industry Project 3. Please see below quick overview of idea.  My Blogg:  Group: Depa, Nathan, Josh and Guy Brief: Short animation for Rave Live  Briefly it goes like this.... -Character flying a plane -Bird fly into the plane -Character jumps out of plane -Releases Parachute -On parachute says Rave-Live.... This is a promotional animation for Rave-Live.  For this project I will be designing the character - Aviation Boy an enthusiastic 7/8 year old obsessed with planes and flying. His Dad is a pilot and most of the boys clothes are handed down from his father. This builds on character concepts and model for my showreel. As I want to focus on building my character 3D and texturing. Please see my blog for more info and pipeline.  We have spoken to the organizers of Rave-Live so they know we are producing a short animation. I just need clarification on the final date we can submit. I know that Rave live is on the 19th May so is it definite that the deadline is the 22nd April?  Kind Regards  Depa  

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Character Concept Sheets

Character Synopsis:
For this project I will be designing the character - Aviation Boy an enthusiastic 7/8 year old obsessed with planes and flying. His Dad is a pilot and most of the boys clothes are handed down from his father. I want the character to have clothes slightly to big for him and big aviator old style aviator goggles. The Goggles will sit slightly wonky on the head and the character will be wearing a ruck sac that holds the parachute. This will build on character concepts and modeling for my showreel. As I want to focus on building my character 3D and texturing. 

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Character Research


Story Board

Story Board by Nathan.

Emailed to me on the 01.04.2010

Produce a two part animation short, which interlinks between the two to
make an exciting and interesting promotional piece of animation for Rave
Live 2010. We must work with each other in a small group whilst
understanding our own vital roles within the group to concept, storyboard
and produce a finished piece of animation up to industry standards.

The Idea
We have chosen to get into a slightly larger than small group, consisting
of four people, and to break down a short animation into two separate
animations which can be interlinked with one and other, creating a
finished piece of animation. The idea starts with a long shot of a Biplane
travelling along in the sky, as the camera cuts in closer to the plane we
see a large bird fly into shot, directly into the plane, disrupting its
flight path, and causing the plane to swerve and start to smoke. The plane
then loses control and starts to tip sideways and crash, at this point we
see our character eject from the plane, and fly upwards, whilst the plane
continues its downward path. Once the plane is fully out of shot, we focus
on the character, who then proceeds to eject his parachute, and there is
an illusion of him flying upwards, as the camera continues to fall,
however we see him fly out of shot for only a couple of seconds before he
gently floats down on a large parachute, with a large logo of Rave Live on
it, which is the promotional shot of the piece, the camera then fades to
The second half of animation is a shot of a totally new character walking
along an inconspicuous road/scene below, and suddenly a plane falls out of
the sky, on top of him, the camera then goes black, and small a
promotional animation/picture of the Rave Live logo will finish off the

Group and MSN chat with Nath

Decided I was going to be the Character concept and modeller for the animation. Nath went through the concept with me quickly over MSN.

Briefly it goes like this....
  • Character flying a plane
  • Bird fly into the plane
  • Character jumps out of plane
  • Releases Parachute
  • On parachute says Rave-Live....
This is a promotional animation for Rave-Live.

As my character will not be viewed in any major detail the character does not need to have so much detail. However, as this is to go in my showreel I will be designing the character as if it is.


Had third year student pitch there projects to our group (2nd year animation) to see if anyone wants to use this project assisting with the third years. Even though this would be awesome experience and an in sight to what it's like in third year I decided against this as I need to concentrate on advancing my skills as a modeller especially character. Most of the third year projects does not require help in the modelling department rather more in the riggibg and texturing and animating side.

Anyway......We decided that is Nathan and myself to go with coming up with a short animation for Rave Live according to the brief that the rave live organizers gave deadline is 22nd of April!!!!Arhhhhhhhhh that gives us about 5 weeks to deliver! I'm hoping this will be extended as rave-live doesn't go live till 19th May!

This is why, above I have created a quick pipeline of activities we need to do. Character design is going to take a while as I will need to model, texture, skin and rig, paint weights etc etc etc......

  • Our group consists of Myself, Nathan, Josh and Guy.
  • I will be designing and constructing character for animation.
The tasks I will be focusing on are....
  • Concepts and design sheets
  • Model character
  • Texture
  • Rigg
  • Animate
  • Texturing
  • Painting weights
  • Concepts
  • Research
  • Modeling although I want to focus really cleaning up my modeling and concentrating on Topology.

Introduction to project

Welcome to my blog. This is my third Industry project. We have already just begun and already it sounds really exciting.........

This Project is all about selling yourself.......It's gonna be a tight last semester as we breakup for summer quite early. So organising is essential to achieve targets....

This unit builds on the Industry Excercise 1 and 2. allowing students to use their portfolio of animation skills to develop finished broadcast animation pieces (in small teams) to be shown during Rave on Air, and to generate an individual show-reel to promote those skills to employers. Students also develop more advanced planning and organisational skills necessary to manage team projects.

This unit has the potential to allow inter-faculty collaboration through the use of animation to promote the work of other courses in the creation of animated advertisements for Rave on Air (product design for example). Intra-faculty collaboration is also possible through the use of other disciplines such as post production and sound design that naturally complement the animation industry. These collaborations will be negotiated on a per team basis.

Aims of the Unit

  • To enable students to initiate, plan, and complete complex team projects.
  • To enable students to work to broadcast standards of quality.
  • To provide experience of establishing and developing team project schedules and tracking progress towards project completion.
  • To enable students to demonstrate and promote the range and quality of their animation skills through the production of a show-reel.

The emphasis for this brief is upon fitness for broadcast purposes, if you read the learning outcomes and assessment criteria that follow this section then you will see that one of the main areas for your assessment is upon how well you meet technical parameters to enable your work to be broadcast.

You will be required to work in small teams, ideally, two, or three people per team.

You will be required to submit three pieces of work for assessment.

· An individual reflective journal (Blog)

· An individual interactive DVD showreel

· A group film fit for broadcast


This should focus on your plans for this project, your brief, your project schedule, and your performance as a team member. These can be supplemented by a group journal to help communication with team members, but the primary concern is your individual reflective account. These should be hosted on Blogspot, or Wordpress and the URLs submitted to your tutor.


Your showreel will take the form of a menu driven interactive DVD where users will be able to select which of your work they view. You will be expected to assemble a reel that demonstrates the breadth of your capability, and the diversity of your style as an animator. As such, you may use work from any point in your studies, or from outside your time at college. You may also consider generating new work this term to supplement perceived gaps in your portfolio. The main drivers for assessment here are NOT the quality of the individual pieces of work, but the way in which you choose to present them and to promote yourself…


This is where the majority of your effort will be directed for this project. You will have to choose a team first of all, ideally a small one of two or three individuals. Then you will have to negotiate a brief for your project. There are three main ways that you can fulfill this part of the brief, but all will depend upon you having a real client, and it is up to YOU to get information from your client to define your brief. This information should include a list of deliverable items, and a set of deadlines.

This is what I will be working on.......

Way 2

Work towards Rave Live.

This will involve you either working towards doing one of the six channel idents, in which case you will have to contact the graphics students responsible, or towards generating programme content in which case you will have to contact broadcast content creation students to find out their requirements. Be aware that work will need to be ready much in advance of May 19th, so it should be viable within a reduced time frame. Remember the panic that you had at the end of last term? That is a luxury that you do not have this term. It would probably be a good idea to attend all possible meetings about Rave Live, such as the one this Friday (26th) read your email, and look for posters…


  • Evidence of creative presentation and promotion of students’ individual repertoire of animation skills. (A1, C1, D1)
  • Evidence of the critical analysis and selection of work of an appropriate quality for submission. (A1, C1)

Broadcast Piece

  • Evidence in the realisation of the projects of systematic application of animation skills and practices to the standard expected for an entrant to professional animation or visualisation. (D1, E1)
  • Initiate and negotiate a team project and independently manage their time and workflow. (B1, E1)
  • Successful completion, to a broadcast state, of a team animation project. (B1, D1, E1)